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What does Cash Chat do?

Cash Chat offers many services ranging from digital advertising to financial technology services.
1. You can send money and receive Money using Cash Chat
2. You can advertise your business and reach Audience over 500,000 users in sub Saharan region, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and other countries across the globe.
3. You can send wallet to wallet at low rates
4. With cash chat you can send Money to any Bank in Kenya
5. Bulky Payments- you can pay to many 100000 people at the time to Bank and Mobile using Cash Chat Business Account or API
6. Free Video Calls and Voice Calls on HD using Cash Chat App.

7. Live Streaming- You can host a live meeting/ Live Video training/Blog using Cash Chat Live
8. Savings with interest.
9. Bills and utilities
10. Airtime and much more.

How else can I earn from Cash Chat?

1. You can from affiliate program. On affiliate you will earn if any of your affiliate pays subscription and you will earn bonus of 50,000 UGX, 1000KES and 10000 RWF for any direct affiliate and when you reach 3 affiliates you qualify to earn residual bonus from your down affiliates.

2. You can also earn from AD views that run through Status on Cash Chat App. If you post your content on status, Advertisers will target content and every time someone Views your status an AD will show up and if they see an AD or view that Ad, you will earn based on the unique AD views.

Do I need to post Ads in order to earn from Ads?
No. when you are using Cash Chat App, you only need to post normal status and leave the rest to Cash Chat. All adverts are placed by Cash Chat Team.
How much do I earn per view if I may ask from the Cash Chat status Ads?
You will earn 0.005 USD per 1000 impressions. You earn every time our Ads promoted by companies pass your status and your contacts view them
For example: if you have 500 contacts and you have 1000 Ads that were viewed in Month on your status by your contacts, the calculation would be 500*1000=500,000/1000 impressions = 500 USD. You would earn 500 USD if you can make over 500,000 impression from 1000 adverts that pass on your status every month. Please note that Ads may increase or reduce depending on how many people advertise daily or monthly.

I have recently failed to Views from status what I am doing wrong?

To be able to see your contacts you need to add them in a correct format in your phone 1. You need add them as +254745133259, +25675418785 +250788756432 +250785830554 2. Refresh your contacts after on the Cash Chat App and all your contacts will be available Why did you make it hard for me to add contacts and the refresh? Can’t you make it Automatic? Yes, we are working on Automation and each time save your contacts it will be updated there and then and this will be the next update. I can pay a business using my Cash Chat wallet? Yes, you can pay business as long as they give you their Account number/User ID and they must be on Cash Chat wallet too. Who do I contact if I have any issue with my Cash Chat App? Well, you can write to or get in touch with our Customer support for technical issues only for Uganda for Kenya for Rwanda

About Cash Chat

Cash Chat has gained over 500,000 Registered users and every day its number is growing in the wallet. These numbers began in 2018, we are growing the numbers in order to convert and maximize Revenue in the number we have. If we could have 20% of the growing number as active it would be a break and the company will be self-sustained. These numbers are also connected as social media users for the application. It’s a combination of Wallet for Normal users and Business users.

What policies are in Uganda Cash Chat AI?

Summary of revenue calculations in both Ugandan Shillings (UGX) and US Dollars (USD) for your wallet app, considering both user and agent transactions, and project this revenue for the next 3 years:

User Transactions:

– User Daily Revenue: 500,000 UGX come from 500 transactions each day and profit is 500 UGX
– User Annual Revenue: 182,500,000 UGX

– Agent Daily Revenue per Agent: 1,000,000 UGX
– Total Agent Daily Revenue: 500,000,000 UGX
– Agent Annual Revenue: 182,500,000,000 UGX

Total Annual Revenue:

– Total User Revenue + Total Agent Revenue: 182,682,500,000 UGX
Now, let’s convert this total annual revenue to US Dollars using an approximate exchange rate of 3,700 UGX to 1 USD:
Year 1:
– Total Annual Revenue: 182,682,500,000 UGX / 3,700 UGX/USD ≈ 49,392,568 USD
Year 2:
– Total Annual Revenue: 182,682,500,000 UGX / 3,700 UGX/USD ≈ 49,392,568 USD
Year 3:
– Total Annual Revenue: 182,682,500,000 UGX / 3,700 UGX/USD ≈ 49,392,568 USD
With 700,000 users and 500 agents, the wallet app is projected to generate annual revenue of approximately 182,682,500,000 Ugandan Shillings (UGX) or roughly 49,392,568 US

Institutional Providers

We provide to Universities, Secondary and primary schools for LMS and automated payments plus school fees collections.


A strong, reliable payment solution that guarantees easy movement of Money, Mobile networks are limited by a mobile line which doesn’t work in other countries.

Individual Providers.

We have Cash Chat product which is tailored for Individual payments and money transfers from wallet to wallet, wallet to bank and wallet to mobile and mobile to wallet.


The increasing utilization of ICT, by the general population can be leveraged to improve access to a better standard distance learning environment and paymentsInteger ac vehicula eros, sed dictum sapien. Donec dignissim porttitor ante, sit amet placerat dui. Donec mollis vel arcu et efficitur.

1. This is why BOLDCASHERS is a Good company to work with
✍️ BOLDCASHERS is a Certified company in Rwanda and has held an *RDB* certificate since 2018
2. Boldcashers Ltd is the Campany that has been declared in RRA and has physical office premises at Chic complex F2-3 KIGALI-Nyarugenge
3. Together with Boldcashers you can do the following :
A.send and receive money across the borders especially in Kenya , Rwanda , Uganda at Low cost can make Withdraw, deposit by using Visa card and master card in All Bank
C. You can buy airtime , electrity , bulky payment services also available
D. You can advertise your business by Targeting clients
4. Boldcashers Ltd has Affiliate program through electronic marketing where you earn a handsome of Commission see compansation plan
First person you earn : 10,000frw
Second person you earn 10,000frw
From third person up to infinity you earn : 12,000 frw
When you reach on 3rd Active refferal you start to earn residual income.
5. Boldcashers Ltd has saving service where you earn 15% of interest rate
6.Boldcashers Ltd has requires few Activation fees only 20,000 frw lifetime
And welcome bonus of 3000frw
7.Boldcashers Ltd has Partnerships with trusted company and Telecom like , MTN Rwanda , MTN Uganda , Mpesa , RRA ,RDB, and All Bank
8. All service are Automated .
9.withdraw are instantly
10. Boldcashers Ltd has transparency 🥳🥳✍️

There are several policies in place in Uganda that govern various aspects of the country’s governance, economy, and society. Here are some of the key policies in Uganda:

1. National Development Plan (NDP): The NDP is a comprehensive policy framework that outlines Uganda’s long-term development goals and strategies. It aims to transform the country into a middle-income country by 2040 through various sectors such as agriculture, tourism, industry, and services.

2. Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP): PEAP is a policy framework that focuses on poverty reduction and improving the livelihoods of Ugandans. It emphasizes pro-poor growth, social protection, and human capital development.

3. Education Policy: The education policy in Uganda aims to provide quality education for all. It focuses on increasing access to education, improving the quality of teaching and learning, and addressing gender disparities in education.

4. Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (HSSIP): HSSIP is a policy framework that guides the health sector in Uganda. It aims to improve the health status of the population through various interventions, including strengthening health systems, increasing access to essential health services, and addressing health inequalities.

2023 Side Hustle|How To Earn 6BTC On Cash Chat5. Agriculture Sector Development Strategy and Investment Plan (ASDSIP): ASDSIP is a policy framework that focuses on transforming the agricultural sector in Uganda. It aims to increase agricultural productivity, enhance market access for farmers, promote agribusiness, and ensure sustainable natural resource management.

6. Industrial Policy: The industrial policy in Uganda aims to promote industrialization and economic diversification. It focuses on attracting investments, improving infrastructure, promoting value addition in key sectors, and enhancing competitiveness.

7. Gender Policy: The gender policy in Uganda aims to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. It focuses on addressing gender-based violence, promoting women’s participation in decision-making, and ensuring equal access to resources and opportunities.

8. Environmental Policy: The environmental policy in Uganda aims to promote sustainable development and conservation of natural resources. It focuses on addressing deforestation, promoting climate change resilience, and promoting sustainable land and water management. These are just a few examples of the policies in Uganda. The country has various other policies in place to address different sectors and aspects of development and governance.


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