Cash Chat is a social media app with a digital wallet. It facilitates easy payments and transfer of many throughout Africa. In Kenya all banks have been perfectly connected with Cash Chat. This now supports both small and big businesses to make cashless transactions which is much safer. In addition to what exactly is Cash Chat, let’s look into it’s scope.

The social media is global and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. After creating a digital wallet in 2016, we realized that there was a need to scale up the impact, that’s why we added a social media that has ads features. This worked effectively in that businesses advertised directly via their status. By 2020 we also had over 3000 approved ads agencies, these all have access to a backend offices where to uploads ads for companies, organizations, governments, and institutions.

Consider Cash Chat as a company transforming lives through financial technology and telecommunication. With the innovation of the CashChat Ai that is currently being integrated in the upgrade, Cash Chat is now boosting the education system in Africa.

The cost of upgrading is very high but all calculations have been perfectly made to ensure that by the 3rd quota of the second financial year, Cash Chat runs extremely profitable while offering free services to the educational sector. Cash Chat Limited is currently soliciting $15 to meet the target of absorbing the 10 million youth that join the job market every year. Anyone can support our cause from as low $2 by sending a donation to

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