1. You can from the affiliate program. On affiliate you will earn if any of your affiliate pays subscription and you will earn bonus of 50,000 UGX, 1000KES and 10000 RWF for any direct affiliate and when you reach 3 affiliates you qualify to earn residual bonus from your down affiliates.

2. You can also earn from AD views that run through Status on Cash Chat App. If you post your content on status, Advertisers will target content and every time someone Views your status an AD will show up and if they see an AD or view that Ad, you will earn based on the unique AD views.

Do I need to post Ads in order to earn from Ads?

No. when you are using Cash Chat App, you only need to post normal status and leave the rest to Cash Chat. All adverts are placed by Cash Chat Team.

How much do I earn per view if I may ask from the Cash Chat status Ads?

You will earn 0.005 USD per 1000 impressions. You earn every time our Ads promoted by companies pass your status and your contacts view themFor example: if you have 500 contacts and you have 1000 Ads that were viewed in Month on your status by your contacts, the calculation would be 500*1000=500,000/1000 impressions = 500 USD. You would earn 500 USD if you can make over 500,000 impression from 1000 adverts that pass on your status every month. Please note that Ads may increase or reduce depending on how many people advertise daily or monthly.

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