Cash Chat is designed to serve as a financial technology platform, a social media network, and a digital advertising tool. It is particularly targeted at businesses and users in the sub-Saharan African region. How Does Cash Chat Operate in Nigeria

Here’s how it operates across its various functions:

1. Financial Technology: – Wallet-to-Wallet Money Transfers: The app allows users to send and receive money seamlessly through their digital wallets within the app. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to transact with customers or between businesses.

2. Social Media: – Connectivity: By integrating social media features, Cash Chat enables users to connect with one another, share content, and communicate through a single platform. This can facilitate better customer engagement and support for businesses.

3. Digital Advertising: – Targeted Advertising: Businesses can leverage the platform to reach potential customers through targeted ads. The platform likely uses data analytics to help advertisers find and engage with their desired audience effectively. – Business Growth and Audience Reach: By using the advertising tools provided by Cash Chat, businesses can increase their visibility to potential customers, therefore, potentially driving growth and expanding their market reach.

4. Industry-specific tools: – The application provides tools tailored to industries like hotel and hospitality, telecommunications, banking, tours and travels, education, and health. These tools are designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses within these sectors.

5. Affiliate Program: – Pay Affiliates: Cash Chat might have an affiliate program in place, which rewards users for referring new customers or businesses to the app. Payment to affiliates could be based on a commission structure, where affiliates earn a percentage of the transactions or advertising spend by the users they refer. The success of such a platform would largely depend on the user experience, the value it provides to its users, and the adoption rate within the targeted regions.

For businesses, the ability to combine financial transactions, social media engagement, and targeted advertising in one platform could streamline operations and help in scaling operations across the sub-Saharan region.

How Does Cash Chat Operate In Nigeria

To join Cash Chat in Nigeria you either do it via the website or the Cash Chat Bank application. The application is currently available for only android devices, and you can download it from the Play store. And the website can be accessed via all devices. For users in Nigeria, let’s follow the steps listed bellow to earn on the Cash Chat Affiliate program;

  1. Click on the Signup button
  2. Fill in your real names, a valid and secure email, Select “Uganda” as the country, ( This is because Uganda pays the highest affiliate commission rate throughout the region.), enter any country phone number starting with the country code. If the Sponsor code is not added by default, then use one of these 200675538/ 23530191 /23508280. Create a password of 5 digits, accept terms and signup.
  3. Login to your affiliate dashboard and copy your referral link or Sponsor code. You can start sharing your sponsor code to your social media platforms to drive traffic.
  4. For every active account that was referred via your link, an equivalent of 10500 Naira will be deposited in your wallet immediately.
  5. To activate a cash Chat Account in Nigeria, use this link

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