Features of the Application:

  1. Live Streaming for E-Learning and Distance learning Cash Chat has managed to scale eLearning live video streaming which can help schools, universities to teach and exchange live video with students while learning anywhere using the mobile app at a free cost.

  1. Digital Advertising: Cash Chat is the only digital advertising platform that serves digital Adverts across East African region in form of Text, Ad Banners, and Interactive video. Cash Chat connects you to more engaging audience to grow any business for customer retention, new business sales and sales growth. Business make their budgets and target content on the status for engagement at low extremely low cost.

  1. Video calls and Voice Calls:
    Cash Chat has also succeeded and eased the way we communicate with our friends and family, any person using cash chat can make unlimited video and Voice calls in HD format.

  1. Unlimited group chats and Personal private messaging: Cash Chat has also empowered all those who it for easy communication in personal chats at free cost.