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How to earn as a cash chat affiliate? | In Kenya

To earn as an affiliate with Cash Chat, a financial technology and social media application, you would typically follow a process similar to many affiliate programs, though specific details can vary depending on the company’s affiliate policy. Based on the general structure of affiliate programs and the nature of Cash Read more…

Boldcashers sells more Equity in Cash Chat limited

You can own some of these Equity tickets at $50 per ticket. The equity price has increased from $30 in September 2023 to $50 as of mid February 2024. There are currently 50,000 equity tickets representing 5% stake in Cash Chat Limited. They are being sold at

10 Weather Friendly Destinations In The US

Determining the “best” weather can be subjective, as some people prefer warm and sunny climates while others might favor cooler and more temperate conditions. However, based on the general preference for mild temperatures, low humidity, plenty of sunshine, and minimal precipitation, here are ten U.S. locations known to have some Read more…

How Does Cash Chat Operate In Nigeria

Cash Chat is designed to serve as a financial technology platform, a social media network, and a digital advertising tool. It is particularly targeted at businesses and users in the sub-Saharan African region. How Does Cash Chat Operate in Nigeria Here’s how it operates across its various functions: 1. Financial Read more…

The logic of digital twin technology

The logic of digital twin technology can be applied to challenges as diverse as supply chains, retail merchandising, customer churn propensity, risk modelling, fraud detection, cybercrime, fluid dynamics and personalised gene therapy.  In sectors like energy and manufacturing, digital twins is already helping to design better products with improved resource Read more…

10 Reasons For You To Join Agoda

Partnering with Agoda can offer several advantages if you’re in the business of accommodations, travel services, or looking to monetize your website traffic through their affiliate program. 10 Reasons For You To Join Agoda & below are some reasons why you might consider becoming an Agoda partner: 1. **Global Reach**: Read more…

10 challenges facing Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) has the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation industry, but its development and widespread adoption face several challenges. 10 challenges facing Sustainable Aviation Fuel. As of my last update in 2023, here are ten challenges associated with Sustainable Aviation Fuel: 1. Production Read more…

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