In recognition of the capabilities of this A.I, Microsoft through it’s cloud business Azure gave Namanya 25000 Dollars worth of server storage space.

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“The advantage with this offer according to Namanya is that his A.I does get enough storage space on the Azure servers to store incredible amounts of data in millions and millions of bytes it collects from the internet while also having a symbiotic relationship with Microsoft’s own A.I and other A.Is stored on the same servers that it keeps learning from.

How Effective is Cash Chat A.I?

Since it’s still under going development, Namanya has chosen to keep it free and any one can try it out by signing in to the wallet at

Besides being able to work as an office assistant of sorts, it can also work as a Tutor assistant and improve the learning experience in class rooms by offering real time valuable answers to questions and queries presented.

When it comes to Christians reading scripture, this A.I does give context and perspective to Bible verses improving one’s study and understanding of the word in depth. 

Going Commercial 

When Namanya launches his A.I officially next year he plans to take it commercial with individuals across the globe able to use it for 1 US Dollar a month in subscription while organisations will be charged per number of users and other factors that may be involved.

 Among the key commercial clients he will be targeting will be schools and universities which he says can integrate the A.I into their library system where it can work as an Assistant helping them navigate faster besides being able to offer much more content from Its vast reach across the web on any academic topic.

For corporate entities and organisations, Namanya says they will be able to develop customized versions of the A.I that will have a deep understanding of specific organisations, their customers and other stakeholders involved taking virtual engagement to a whole new level.

Future additions to the A.I according to Namanya will include voice recognition, video to text features and vice versa to mention but a few.

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