There’s no better time for Kenya than now. The opportunity extends beyond those living in Kenya right now to the rest of the World. This is how to earn on Cash Chat in Kenya, currently the number of registered wallet accounts is slightly over 300 thousands out of the 53.1 millions living in Kenya. If each completed task of registering and activating a Cash Chat Wallet is instantly paid 960Ksh, try to estimate how much revenue is available to be earned. All you need to get started is a Cash Chat Wallet, and it doesn’t cost a cent to register one. Just fill the registration form at, once you have signed in to your account, there is a link on your account dashboard. Use it to register new users on Cash Chat. The system will detect every successful registration, and you can check in My account to see all that have registered via your link. Check in the section of your earning to see how much you have earned from active users. The payment is made in less than 2 minutes once the account of the user you have referred turns Active.

There are several ways to earn on Cash Chat:

  1. Invite friends: Cash Chat offers a referral program where users can invite their friends to join the platform. For every friend that signs up and completes their profile, the user earns a commission.
  2. Participate in surveys: Cash Chat occasionally offers surveys to its users, which they can complete for a reward.
  3. Sell products/services: Businesses can use Cash Chat for digital advertising, which can help them reach a wider audience and increase sales.
  4. Offer services: Users can offer their services on Cash Chat, such as freelance writing, graphic design, or social media management.
  5. Invest: Cash Chat offers an investment feature where users can invest in various businesses on the platform and earn a return on their investment.

Overall, Cash Chat offers several opportunities for users to earn money, whether through referrals, surveys, selling products/services, offering services, or investing.

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