The reasons to support Cash Chat Limited are many but the most outstanding one is that Cash Chat stayed true to the vision of making people’s lives better as the first priority. Since 2016 the company continue to innovate on a foundation of honesty, integrity, trust and godliness. The Cash Chat platform being upgraded to give liberty to innovators, content creators and intellectuals to express themselves.

There are several talents and geniuses that have been wasted through selfish policies that are aimed at enriching the poor by stealing the creativity of the poor. If tiny ants can build a hill, it’s time for the poor to give away $2 to Cash Chat Limited. It’s time to break the poverty cycle that has kept the African continent in agony. It’s time to lay aside the dog tags of ethnicity, tribalism, political ideology and religious views. It’s true there is no infrastructure available today that can usher us in a state of social organization but at least Cash Chat Limited as already launched the blue print of economic unity throughout the continent.

The world needs a system with deep roots of trust and goodwill for all, and that’s what defines the Cash Chat system. It’s not built out of ego, confrontation, competition, selfishness or desire for dominancy. The Cash Chat system can in other terms be defined as a book of answers to the hardships, violence, hunger, depression, battle for resources, easy access to basic needs. That’s why a few of you can give $2 towards this cause should take action. You can also create you account at or by clicking on create account at he top of this blog.

Our fundraising is organized by Gofund Ireland, all names of those that have donated are displayed next to their donated amount. If you don’t wish your name to be displayed, you can mark the option to hide your identity. You will then become anonymous. Even if you can’t donate anything, even just sharing the campaign link is equally vital.

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