To put it quite simply, this technology (and there are many others like it) is what is often called a “language machine” that uses statistics, reinforcement learning, and supervised learning to index words, phrases, and sentences. While it has no real “intelligence” (it doesn’t know what a word “means” but it knows how it is used), it can very effectively answer questions, write articles, summarize information, and more.

Is The Chat AI Owned by Cash Chat Limited?

Cash Chat AI has been created by Cash Chat Limited, the AI-which has been integrated in a social media application with wallet features.

How Can Cash Chat-AI and Similar Technologies Be Used?

Before I get into the market, let me talk about why I believe this will be so enormous. These systems are “trained and educated” by the corpus (database) of information they index. The AI-3 system has been trained on the internet and some highly validated data sets, so it can answer a question about almost anything. That means it’s kind of “stupid” in a way, because “the internet” is a jumble of marketing, self-promotion, news, and opinion. Honestly I think we all have enough problems figuring out what is real (try searching for health information on your latest affliction, it’s frightening what you find).

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